Bring your yard to life. 

The right plants, maintenance, and expert insight to help you create the uniquely beautiful, environmentally beneficial yard of your dreams.

A dynamic front yard pollinator garden serving as a haven for bees, birds, and butterflies. (Designed while employed by and installed by Our Land Organics).

For Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky homeowners or business owners looking for:

Native plants

Pollinator gardens

Garden maintenance

Eco-conscious landscape design

Support/guidance for your garden projects


"Landscaping”--but different.

Are you curious about native plants and pollinator gardens, but aren’t sure where to start?

Or maybe you’re already an avid gardener who needs support on a specific project? 

Perhaps you’re intent on having a beautiful outdoor space that also nourishes the birds and bees and sparks moments of joy? 

Traditional landscaping is mostly about making your yard look good; on the other hand, thoughtful garden design is about creating an interactive outdoor space that brings you joy on a daily basis, all while making a positive impact on your backyard environment. Together, we’ll cultivate a yard that’s not only gorgeous, but more importantly, life giving!

Everything you need for a yard, done right.

Consultations & Garden Assessments

An in-person or virtual meeting to get advice on specific challenges, and generate broad ideas to help you meet your goals.

Subscription-Based Garden Care

Simple, flexible plans that take the burden of maintenance off your plate, while ensuring your yard is being tended to in the best way possible.

Garden Design

Hone in on your goals, understand your yard’s quirks, and discover the plants that can help it reach its full potential.


Whether you want to do the work yourself or prefer a more hands-off approach, we’ll make a plan to get your plants in place.

Turn your yard into an Oasis*.

It all starts here! Let us get to know you and your yard via a virtual or in-person consultation.

From garden enhancement plans to full-service design work, we’ll start reimagining your outdoor space!

We’ll make sure your new plants are properly introduced to your yard, so they can get to growing.

Robust home landscapes take time and care to cultivate; we’ll be your expert gardener or give you the support to DIY.

*oasis: a fertile area that sustains plant life and provides habitat for animals; a place of peace, safety, or happiness in the midst of trouble or difficulty.

Welcome! I'm Lyndsey Davisson.

I’m a horticulturist and landscape designer who loves nerding out over native plants, pollinator gardens, and all the life they bring to our yards. I believe our outdoor environments can be a huge catalyst for positive environmental change, while also serving as nourishing, joy-inducing extensions of home.

Over the last 10+ years, I’ve worked across Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in public horticulture, retail and nursery management, and residential design and installation–with the overarching mission of creating joy and genuine excitement in the day-to-day.

Front foundation bed redesign to modernize old plantings, along with a native shrub and perennial planting design in the back yard

A front yard pollinator garden design which has a fantastic large window view from inside where the clients spend time
working and dining

Experience your yard in its most beautiful, interactive form.

(Install by Our Land Organics)